Images of Jewish and Christian Hells
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Hell in a Contemporary Context

Hell Videos from YouTube, etc.:

Welcome to Hell (with Rowan Atkinson). Comic.

Hell Hole (from Spinal Tap). Musical.

Claymation Hell (by David Firth, et al.). Graphic.

Sounds from Hell (from hole in Siberia). Auditory.

Letter from Hell (from BereanBeacon). Proselytistic.

Music from Bosch (from Medievalverse). Auditory

Hell Movies:

Heroine of Hell. 1996. Starring Catherine Keener as a painter with a serious sense of justice, who uses the Vision of Tundale as the thematic basis of her work. Although the film may not be a great success, it includes many interesting visual interpretations of the Tundale text and readings from the text into her friends’ answering machines.


Medieval Hell Images:

Chaldon, Surrey, UK, Church of Saints Peter and Paul, mural, 11th C.


Thomas de Saluces, Le Chevalier errant, Paris ca. 1403-1404 (BnF, Franšais 12559, p. 192)


Psalter, Oxford ca. 1210 (München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 835, fol. 30v)

Missal, France ca. 1492 (BnF, Latin 16827, fol. 335v)


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