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The Beginning and End of Islamic Hell

Persistent questions about Islamic hell include the time of its creation and the duration of its existence. Based on evidence garnered from the Qur’an, most traditional Muslim theologians hold that Hell was created in the past along with Paradise. Other theologian, including the Jahmites, Qadarites, and with a few exceptions, the Mu‘tazilites, hold that they will be created on the Day of Judgment because before then they have no purpose, and God always acts purposefully.

Regarding Hell’s duration, and most traditional Muslim theologians believe that it will endure for eternity. Based on the mercy of God, others hold to the view that hell will eventually perish since it was established to purge both the sinner and the unbeliever, and once that aim is achieved, it ceases to be necessary. Some hold that hell will continue because, although at the time of the Resurrection, Muslim sinners will enter Paradise, unbelievers will remain there forever. And others that even if empty hell will continue. For a thorough discussion of this topic, see Abrahamov.

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