Islamic Hell Texts

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1. The Qur’an, 632–656 CE.

2. Characteristics of the Day of Judgment, Paradise and Hell by Sahah Muslim (821–75 CE / 206–61 AH).

3. “Afflictions and the End of the World” in Sahih al-Bukhari by Imam Muhammud al Bukhari (d. 870 CE / 256 AH).

4. “The Book on the Description of Hellfire” in Jami` at-Tirmidhi by Abu `Isa Muhammad at-Tirmidhi (824–92 CE / 209–79 AH).

5. The Arousement of the Heedless (Tanbih al-Ghafilin), by Abu’l-Laith-as-Samarqandi (d. 983 CE). Before 983.

6. “The Tale of Bulukiya on the Isle of the Seven Seas” from The Arabian Nights, 10th–14th C.

7. “The Remembrance of Death and The Afterlife,” from the Book of the Revival of Religious Sciences (Ihya' Ulum al-Din) by Al-Ghazali (c. 1058–1111), 11th C.

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